About me

The idea for the Quick-Pin came one night after a bearing went out on our baler. This made me worry about how I would ever get my tractor unhooked from the baler fast enough, if a fire were to happen. I designed a prototype on a paper plate at a family party. I had my cousin make my first prototype in the spring of 2019. After a few modifications, the second prototype was made. It was the pin that was going to be the Quick-Pin we are now selling. 

I am currently a sophomore at Kansas State University, majoring in Agribusiness, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I took my first Entrepreneurship class in 2019 and wrote up this Quick-Pin for a business plan project we had, entered it into KSU Launch Competition, became a finalist and then had to give my presentation in front of a few judges, in a shark tank type of format. I didn't end up winning, but was grateful enough to place third and take the prize money to get a Patent Pending on the Quick-Pin. After all this happened I realized that I was very interested in Entrepreneurship and realized it could benefit me in the future, so I decided to minor in it and have two classes in it this spring. 


I grew up in Mayetta, KS on a small farm where my dad and I raise cow-calf pairs. I've been interested in agriculture ever since I can remember and have a deep passion for what I do. My parents have taught me everything I know and without them I wouldn't be where I am today. I have a love for America, with no plans to ever have my products made overseas.